"You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in what you are and what you're gonna be. It's your choice, kid. You choose."

name: Neil.
self-proclaimed: hopeless romantic.
currently: on a journey of metanoia.
location: Orange County, born and raised.
interests: comic books, Arrow, How I Met Your Mother, Community.

Neon Trees - “First Things First”

It began when I learn how to face myself
And I’m still deciding if I’m something else
I’m a million different people all the time
But there’s only one of me to get it right

You are never gonna get
Everything you want in this world

Man Overboard - “How to Hide Your Feelings”

Hello please to meet you
I am fumbling with myself cause I am just too scared to greet you my love
Nice to know you
I am leaving unexpectedly before I got to show you…

How month’s go by and I only feel worse
Try to forget the ones who forgot you first
And you don’t need him and she don’t need you
Gotta stop hanging around because the waiting hurts

Gotta hole in my head that stretches from ear to ear
I dug it out because I couldn’t take the fear
And if I can’t think
Well I guess I can’t sink down
And I won’t waste another year

Hello I don’t know you
But you make me feel somehow there must be something that I owe you my love
Good God
Yes it hurts me
Please just take me to that special place where nobody deserts me.

I heard Oliver say, “You will always be my girl, Neil.” Hardcore mancrushing on this Tuesday evening…

May I first just say I’m sorry
For I, never felt like anybody
I am a man of many hats although I
Never mastered anything
When I am ten feet tall
I’ve never felt much smaller, since the fall
Nobody seems to know my name
So don’t leave me to sleep all alone
May we stay lost on our way home?
C’mon, c’mon, with everything falling down around me
I’d like to believe in all the possibilities
Try not to mistake what you have with what you hate
It could leave, it could leave, come the morning
Celebrate the night
It’s the fall before the climb
Shall we sing, shall we sing, ‘til the morning

So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me
'Cause you might look around and find your dreams come true, with me
Spend all your time and your money just to find out that my love was free
So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me, me
It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me

Now how about I’d be the last voice you hear tonight?
And every other night for the rest of the nights that there are
Every morning I just wanna see you staring back at me
'Cause I know that’s a good place to start